Welcome to N.G.International School

“All of us do not have equal talent, but, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.”                                                                                              – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

At NGIS, we enhearten and prepare students to participate fully, to take risk, to be self-advocates, and to engender lasting recollections and relationships with peers and staff. NGIS is dedicated to all students achieving a rigorous, pertinent inculcation. I am proud to accommodate as the principal of NGIS and to work in the unique and comely town of Mehsana.


Our goal at NGIS is to provide an enriching, engaging, and challenging curriculum that will prepare students for prosperity. We believe that students, parents, and teachers all play a vital role in availing students reach their greatest potential. We are committed to engendering an environment that is safe and academically focused. We know that learning transpires with fine instruction and reflection to make erudition paramount. At NGIS, we are committed to providing students with a scholastic experience that will develop every aspect of their being to their fullest potential.


We are confident that your child’s life in NGIS will be frolicsome-filled with exhilarating, activity-oriented learning opportunities and enriching moments that promises a secure and tranquil academic journey.


I feel blessed to work with the exceptional NGIS staff, students, and parents. Together we will perpetuate the practice of excellence that has made NGIS one of the top schools in the Mehsana District.

Heartily welcome to N.G. International School!


Best Wishes!


Mr.Jay Praksh Tiwari