NGIS's Four Core Values

From its earliest days, NGIS has emphasized both academic attainment and character development. NGIS describes its ideal student as ” the intellectually capable boy or girl of sound character whose talents, interests and uniqueness are educational assets for other NGIS children.” Today’s NGIS remains faithful to its founder’s calling, valuing its students for their potential, as well as their achievement, and striving always for their balanced  growth intellectual, physical, social, and ethical.


NGIS recognizes that the primary responsibility for instilling and strengthening values resides with parents. Nevertheless, the School can and should play an important character education role as well, and has established four core values that form the basis for NGIS’s efforts to increase its emphasis on character development.


Members of the NGIS community tell the truth and act with integrity and honor. We do not mislead, cheat, or steal.


Members of the NGIS community are reliable and hold themselves and others accountable for their actions. We do not make excuses, blame others, or take unwarranted credit.


Members of the NGIS community affirm the intrinsic dignity of all people. We act with tolerance, courtesy, and thoughtful regard for all persons, for property, for the environment, and for ourselves.


Members of the NGIS community exhibit caring and compassionate behavior in all aspects of daily life. We are not mean, do not harass nor act in a cruel manner. By our positive example, we discourage unkind behavior in others.

The main four houses of NGIS are:


Members of the Arjun house resembles the same characteristic feature of the house as the name signifies. Arjun as in Mahabharata plays a key role for the epic same does our kids. They too try their level best to reach the pinnacle attaining success.


Members of the Karna community are one of the greatest warriors, who shows their skills same like the Karnas showed their martial exploits which are recorded in the epic.


Members of the Eklavya community affirms the intrinsic dignity of all peoples same as the character of Eklavya was noted as a very powerful Archer and warrior.


Members of the Ashwathama community exhibits their skills and capabilities in each and every aspect same like Ashwatthama who is considered as avatara of one of the eleven Rudras and one of the seven Chiranjivi.

The school is divided into four houses – Arjuna, Karna, Eklavya and Ashwathama. The houses are the focus of many of the important educational activities which take place outside the grade room. They promote a spirit of healthy competition in sporting and cultural activities. They also create a sense of belonging to members of the school from different grades. Each house has a tutor coordinator, a House Captain.