Inter-House Activities & Competitions

A number of inter-house activities / competitions are taken place  throughout the year  on  Saturdays  as  per  the ‘Year Planner’. There are demonstration sessions /  practice  time  and performance / competition time.

  • Students are required to attend all activity demonstration sessions.
  • To maximize the involvement of all the students, participation is allowed in four Inter-House activities only.
  • The highest aggregate points in all competitions determines the “Best House in Co-curricular activities”.

The school has aimed to develop a full-fledged center for training of cultural activities where the students can choose their subjects in accordance to their flair and taste. These activities are such as following:

  • Basketball & Football
  • Tennis Court & Swimming pool
  • Cricket
  • Table Tennis &Chess
  • Skating and Indoor Games
  • Western and Classical Dance
  • Instrumental Music like Congo, Guitar, Harmonica
  • Spoken English
  • Calligraphy and Good Handwriting
  • Nature Walk
  • Volleyball
  • Handball

Indoor Activities


The school provides different types of music classes to the students. The teachers teach both vocal as well as instrumental music.


The students at  N.G.I.S are taught basically two types of dances such as western dance and the classical dance. We have kept aside two periods weekly for the students to learn different forms of dance.


It is the desire of the school authority to create an atmosphere for spoken English in the school. There are two periods weekly for the students to study spoken English and improve their handwriting.


The experts and qualified staff teaches variety of paintings for the students generic for viagra.Along with academics the creative achievement of the kids are also taken care of for which essential care is taken. The students are taught various forms of paintings and we also take classes on art and craft to bring up the creativity amidst them.


To develop a spirit of healthy competition and to inculcate in the students the quality of sportsmanship, we have many indoor games. Students avail this facility during the recess time.

Outdoor Activities

N.G.I.S has a number of playing fields for basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, cricket, skating, swimming pool and many more. The students also compete at various inter-school competitions in different sports which instill confidence in the students and also make the school proud.




The school hosts the Van Mahotsav, creating the realization and importance of plants and trees in the young minds. The teachers and the students attend various seminars and workshops from time to time